Monday, 26 December 2011

BSRC second lost in a row

A very disappointing match yesterday handed BSRC an upset lost to Tunas with a scoreline 1-3. The only BSRC goal scored by Firdaus in 32nd mins. Both our goalkeepers were not available yesterday and we had no choice by deploying our defender playing between the stick.

This match at first place scheduled against Jerudong on Friday but has to be re-scheduled to Sunday due to unforseen reason. We were notified again via e-mail on Saturday but only realised on Sunday morning that the team is against Tunas. This will not be our main reason for the lost but more or less affected our arrangement in term of logistics, food, preparation and game strategy. Hopefully we will see our advantage if we can play at our homeground.

Training will resume tomorrow.

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