Thursday, 5 November 2009

QAF FC (7) - Brunei Shell FT (0)

Tuesday 3rd November 2009, Padang Belapan, 8.15pm

DST Group Brunei League Cup

Another repeat of several encounters. BSFT seemed destined to meet QAF FC in the quarters for the last few knock out competitions. The signs were there for BSFT for a disastrous result on the nite. First on the team bus, there were only 3 players while the others opted to drive themself to the venue. We only brought our red away team jerseys colours whilst QAF FC also wore red on the night. Due to miscomminucations these clashes of colours were not avoided earlier. It was to far for us to get our second jerseys set in KB, whilst our opponents were adamant not to change their colour eventhough theirs was a stone throw's away. Thanks to Hj Rosanan and the organisers, jerseys were hastily arranged for BSFT inorder for the game to continue. On the start of the game, we had enough players with one substitute without our 3 first choice keepers, however bravo to Termizi for keeping out more goals than the results showed.
In the first half, we were down 3 - 0 and had to substitute Khairul Azhar(4) due to injury with Junaid(14). In the second half, BSFT had to play with only 10 players when Syazwi(17) was injured and could not continue. With this, the rot continue and another 4 goals by the opponent on the nite with several more saved.

Alas, the above were good reasons to say why BSFT lost that quarter final match, however with 25 players registered this is dismal. Back to the drawing board management team.!!!

We have to improve in the second rounds matches of the League to stay in the Premier I table, and there sure be many changes in the line-up of BSFT by the end of November 2009.
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